Our Purpose:

Building a financially healthy society, together.”

We Change Lives

More than 10 million consumers, half of credit active South Africans, struggle under the burden of debt. Without advice and solutions that properly lift this burden, they will not have a chance to fully participate and benefit from financial services.

IDM is the market leader in offering comprehensive advice and host of highly relevant financial and effective debt relief solutions to consumers who are facing tight budgets and are struggling with debt.

Our Why

We believe that South Africa and its consumers are in a debt crisis, and that individuals cannot solve their debt problems on their own. We know we can help. We save marriages, we keep families together, we ensure people’s homes and cars remain their own, we ensure families are looked after and provided for when the unexpected happens.

We do not only manage debt. We provide life changing knowledge and solutions to South Africans, helping them to transform their lives, build a brighter financial future and realise their dreams.


IDM aims to help clients from all demographic and economic segments. We pride ourselves on being a key player in shaping the development of the industry, and this is helped by both its extensive relationships with credit providers, insurers and a market share in excess of 20%.


To become South Africa’s unparalleled debt counselling and financial services company by guiding our clients to financial well-being.


We are passionate about the development and growth of not only our employees, but our clients too. We have the best quality consultants who foster client relationships and thrive through the implementation of our company values. We work together in order to empower our clients to make more intellectual financial decisions.



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IDM has a highly experienced senior management team, with on average over 20 years’ experience combined across the entire financial sector value chain.

They have specifically been targeted for their entrepreneurial spirit and ability to drive sustainable revenue, while applying best leadership and business practices.

This team also oversees highly committed operational support staff.



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