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IDM Partnerships

IDM is the chosen partner for some of the South Africa’s most established financial institutions, offering their clients the opportunity to understand their credit profiles better and through a coaching platform and team, receive assistance and access to the best debt management practices available.

IDM core

A platform that offers free credit and financial advice to consumers based on their credit profile and their ability to service their debt.

Over 3000 characteristics are stored per consumer, and advanced analytics is applied to better the lives of consumers on the platform.




DebtBusters is the provider of integrated financial advice and solutions to consumers struggling with the burden of debt.

South Africa is a country with high individual debt and poor debt repayment performance.

Over 10m South Africans, 44% of the credit population, have impaired records with 3 or more missed instalments.

DebtBusters’ advisors help consumers better understand their financial position, and if overindebted, offer them a debt counselling solution, along with related products such as insurance consolidation, to lift their burden of debt.

With over 1m consumers helped,
and a multitude of awards in the bag, DebtBusters is South Africa’s number 1 Debt Counselling business.



JustMoney is a digital platform that provides consumers with integrated financial solutions, enabling them to make good money choices.

These include a free credit score for life, expert-informed articles on personal finance topics, financial calculators, coaching and personalised financial products.

These resources provide South Africans with the tools, and confidence, to improve their financial situation.