GRADUATES! Start and grow your career at IDM.

If you want meaning and purpose from your work, IDM is the place. What we do and how we do it makes a real difference to the lives of those we reach.

We offer a wealth of opportunities for diverse work experience and personal and professional growth within a supportive and vibrant culture.

IDM is an award-winning industry leader, offering comprehensive financial advice and a host of highly effective solutions.

The people who thrive here genuinely care about making a difference, are self-motivated and driven, creative thinkers and collaborators, and hungry to learn and grow. If that sounds like you, join IDM today!

Fun Facts

  • In 2022 – 1 in 3 IDM’ers got a promotion.
  • Over the last year, our employees have increased with 30%, with a 43% growth in leadership roles.
  • 90% of the leaders appointed in the last 5 years have been placed internally.
  • 60% of our leadership team is female.

When you work for IDM, you get…

  • To be surrounded by talented, driven, yet caring individuals.
  • Supported by leaders who are invested in your growth and success.
  • To make a difference to fellow South Africans’ lives every single day.
  • Unlimited opportunities for growth and development through bursaries,industry training, leadership development courses, coaching and mentorship.
  • Competitive pay and benefit structures aligned to performance.
  • Rewards and recognition for the things that matter like your impact, your performance, your values, your long service and your birthday!


Professional Advancement

  • Sponsored industry-regulated certification
  • Bursaries for continuous professional development and further education
  • Future-Leader Academy programme to aid leadership development

Personal Growth

  • Personal development programmes (developing your personal resilience; personal brand and more)
  • Access to a coaching consultant
  • Opportunity to get involved with CSI outreach initiatives


  • Company contributions to Medical Aid, Retirement Annuity
  • Short-term savings plans
  • Access to personal financial data and insights